Scout GPS Link App Reviews

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Works once every fifteen times

Very irritating , if you delete the APP then reinstall it works maybe 25% of the time , it’s garbage !!!!


Worked at the dealership and Toyota service & sales department can’t figure out how to link scout. I bought my car under the impression it came with real GPS not an app that doesn’t work and drains all your Verizon data!! Now I have a $40,000 2018 car with out GPS!!

Horrible app

Unable to connect. Toyota should be ashamed to partner with this substandard feature.


I have to log in every time I open the app. I never see a map on my screen, just instructions on where to turn. UI looks cheep and outdated. Frequently gives me wrong directions; ie telling me to take a u-turn when none is needed. Often the GPS is wrong about my location or which side of the road I’m on. These are problems GPS apps had 10 years ago. I’m embarrassed for people to see this in 2017 truck. I wish I had Apple CarPlay, instead.

Not great.

I wish it had an simple map view. Does not connect automatically

Cuts out phone but does not disconnect when talking worth my husband on phone. They have to do better than what this is. This is Toyota, I paid for all these extras.

App works fairly well

I would still prefer in dash navigation, but this work fairly well.

Please try again later.

I can’t even test out the Nav because I can’t connect. I don’t get how Toyota can make really good trucks, but can’t have a decent up to date navigation system.

Another disappointing Lexus app

Maybe one day Lexus will develop an app that isn’t complete garbage.

It’s horrible

It only works 25% of the time. Cuts out if you get a phone call. The keyboard for manually typing in coordinates is delayed and takes forever. It’s probably one of the worst GPS systems I have used. Because of how often it crashes I always have google maps running on my phone at same time. They need some type of update for more reliability.

Just got stuck from the beginning...

This is definitely not working from the get go!

An embarrassment

Certainly isnt accurate or efficient when choosing routes. Also, there is no reason to access my phones GPS when Im not using the app. My battery is being drained for no reason. Change it to use GPS only when using the app and you might get another star. 11/10/17 So the app now only uses GPS when its open but now it wont stay connected. The display in vehicle wont connect. If Id known the features werent going to work I would have asked for a lower vehicle price for false advertisement.


Cannot connect to my 2017 car. Not even worth one star!!!

Why even try

This app is useless at best. Since you need your mobile phone to use this app, might as well use your Goggle Map or iOS Maps app?

Hate it!

Useless! I have to log in all the time, can’t use while moving, even as passenger. Never bother to try to use it anymore. Wish we got a different car with Apple CarPlay instead of Toyota.

Terrible app

We bought a 2016 Toyota Highlander with hopes of having a great GPS. Scout GPS is by far the worst GPS app we have ever experienced. Knowing what I know now about this I would have seriously considered purchasing another vehicle!!!

Terrible app

I better use google maps on my phone instead of this app. It doesnt work as I expected. Would love it if it can show user interface such as integrated navigation app.


Two things that piss me off. (1) the app doesn’t cut your music down to tell you when a turn is coming up. (2) there is no visible route (LIKE EVERY OTHER NAV APP) it’s just directions. What’s the point of connecting to Lexus then?!

You get what you (don’t) pay for

The app is “free” and now i understand why. It’s pretty ridiculous how much time is wasted trying to connect this app to the car. We leased a 2017 Lexus NX 200t and was advised we don’t need to purchase the upgrade factory installed Navi on the vehicle. Well guess this is the price we pay for not “upgrading” - headaches & frustrations coupled with battery & data usage. Brought it back to the dealership and deleted and redownloaded it. Next thing you know it works....for 3 hours then of course problems again.

I’d give it a 0

This GPS works maybe 10% of the time . If you want GPS buy it installed and not a Toyota with the Scout Ap . Won’t connect or stops working and by the time you realize you’ve driven past your turn . Horrible !

Never stays connected!

This is a terrible app. Always have to turn off my phone and turn it back on to make the connection with my car GPS. Terrible app never works. POS...

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