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Scout is horrible! It is the only form of navigation I can use in my 2018 Toyota Camry and it only sporadically hooks up via Bluetooth tooth and it never works when I connect it with the usb so the map will display on the screen... So disappointed.

Doesn’t work on my 2018 RAV4

I can’t get the moving map to work at all with iPhone.

Toyota made a horrible deal. Someone got a Big Pay off

This app never works. Directions are slow and are always behind where my actual location. Of Course this only happens when I finally get contacted. Been atleast a week and nothing. Worst navigation app


Ok, after reading some of the negative reviews I had to proof to myself that I can make it work. Nope., nope.., nope...this interface is pretty useless. Get a Lexus with Nav or get another car.

No full map still after 5 months

Your latest update today did not fix the ios issue I still cannot use the full map function. Please fix I have had my car for 5 months and no full map

Take Care of this - Please Toyota

Toyota Wake Up! This is 2018 and you are selling your 2018 Camry (newest shaped) vehicle with the most absurd Navigation Systems - - I mean, come on guys. I need to know my ETAs and traffic, I cannot live like this. If I could, I would return my newly purchased Camry. Solution: Give us AppleCarPlay update for free - please!

Awful App.

Hot Garbage. You’re better off with a paper Road Atlas. Complete failure as a GPS. Since Toyota is pumping money into this, you’d expect it to be better, but it is so disappointing.

Does not work

I have given up trying to get this app to work with my brand new 2018 camry hybrid im going to trade in the car and get a car where the mapping system work.

Concept is good, but support is not there

This is the only nav I can use with my new Corolla. I was fond of the nav system in my 2015 Corolla so I was nervous about the change. So far, the app only connects sporadically and I’ve never been able to get it to work on my car display. When I used it just on the phone, I had to “continue guidance” or something like that very often (maybe every 2 minutes) to keep the directions going. If this worked the way it is anticipated to work, it will be so much better than the old nav system, it’s just not functional right now. Using IOS 11.2.2.

I can’t believe Toyota relies on the App - useless

I have a new SXE Camry and a new iPhone 8+. The nav function in Scout is unstable and works about 30% of the time. Cable USB connection doesn’t work Communication Error. Try later whatever that means! This is deserving of a Class Action Lawsuit!

Mix scout

App does not work. This company blames the problem on Apple, Toyota and Xevo ( developer of entune 3). The bottom line — pass the buck this is total BS. Your app your responsibility!!!!!! A terrible app that does not work. I think anyone would be nuts to get any Toyota as this clearly shows how they regard their customers

2018 Camry navigation

Thus app stinks and Toyota should be shot for putting such an ineffective navigation program out and having to use the cell phone to have it do anything. My old 2013 Avalon was excellent and worked.

Piece of crap

Has never worked and no one cares to fix it. I regret ever buying a Toyota because of this crap navigation!!!! They lost me as a customer FOREVER!

Negative star for Scout used by Toyota cars

This is an application that doesn’t work. Why does Toyota allow this in cars, very unsafe.

Absolutely horrific.

So I’ve had my 2018 Camry xle since September. It’s a beautiful vehicle, but I’m not here to discuss my beautiful panoramic moon roof. I’m here to discuss the incompetent app developing that is what makes me want purchase a different car. (I do that) The whole entune system is a let down. Oh and the fact that to get your “moving maps” to kinda work you had to keep iPhone plugged into the USB port and so make sure you have that too. Now I’m rambling. Well, I got the connect a car through AT&T (or car WiFi) thinking it might be my phone. Nope, my car (William) is fully loaded and perfect but this “entune Scout” needs to catch up, and fast. It’s not that hard like other reviewers said actually make your cars compatible with what you says. Don’t write a check with your mouth that your butt can’t cash. That’s false advertising and could end you all up in court.

Absolute trash

Apparently scout gps link is incapable of operating with the worlds most popular mobile operating system. I purchased a 2018 Toyota Camry and due to the false advertisement of a working moving maps I fully regret purchasing the car and will advise everyone to avoid purchasing the car until they decide that if your going to sale a system nobody wanted at least it should work.

Does not connect

App does not connect with 2018 Lexus NX!

Just Passable

Not the best and compared with apps on a smart phone is terrible. Wrong addresses, long load time, little memory. Toyota should consider an alternative

Scout GPS

Ok are you all trying to be the worst app ever? To bad we cannot give negative stars. Your best bet is to pull this app off the market. ????


I rather drive with my phone in hands using Google maps or apple maps than this POS. Looking to sell a 2017 tundra...

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