Scout GPS Link App Reviews

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Total garbage!. It would work fine but once I stop for a break that was it. Also, now it's requesting me to run the setup every time I connect back to it. I logged in after finding out that I was logged out but still have to do the setup. Too many constraints as well. Once out of Park it's close to being disabled for any changes. Needs to be replaced. This is my 3rd and final Camry if Toyota doesn't wise up and replace this trash.

Like many others I find this app to be complete garbage. Never worked when I bought the car and after numerous attempts to install and uninstall no go. Another Toyota slap to their dwindling customer base.

Worst GPS application ever developed. It never works, finally after a few hours got it working. Then stopped working won't load keeps on sending messages such as "phone not connected" when it is connected Why is Toyota willing to have so many disgruntled customers when they could partner with so many competent developers. ONLY WAY TOYOTA WILL REPLACE IS IF THEY ARE BOYCOTTED.

worst navigation app, ever!!!!! also drains battery when not in car. it tells you to turn after you miss the turn

are you kidding, Toyota screwed me good with this crap. not only does the app suck but it kills my battery when im not in the car at all!!!! I am sorry I bought the car Entune and its app stink

Needs replaced

Toyota, I read through these overwhelming poor reviews on the scout gps system. Furthermore, there have been responses made to nearly all of them. Why do your two companies waste time responding instead of fixing? It’s clear people don’t like your gps product. Your dash system could have another app system uploaded/downloaded to it through either firmware update or push. Let’s just switch to something people like. Maybe partner with Waze? We need a navigation system solution that works and honestly, you need a clean slate.


Garbage. I am leasing a 2018 Camry and this app makes me not want to buy the car. It lags and I pass my turn before it prompts me to turn. The developer just replies with the same comment to everyone which shows they don’t care to address anyone’s issues. It’s frustrating that I have to have my phone plugged in and the app open on my phone the entire time. At that point I mine as well use maps on my iPhone. 1 star is too many to give at this point

Real mess!

Again a mess.

I’ll just use the maps app on my phone

I was hoping to actually have an upgrade to my navigational capabilities when this was touted as a perk of buying the premiere Corolla LE package, but half the time it won’t connect, and it just displays turns (no map) when it does actually work. I find it really helpful to actually see on a map where the turn is happening, so unless I’m missing something, this is really no kind of perk. I put a phone mount on my dashboard instead so that I can use that for navigation.

Frustrating and Useless

The app will not sync with my iPhone. I am running the correct IOS version. I have done the multi step fix of unsyncing my phone with the car and reloading the app on my phone. My phone will show it is talking to the car until I launch the app. Once GPS Scout Link is launched the map shows up on my phone and I get a blank screen on the head unit. I spent 2.6 hours on my driveway talking to TeleNav tech support. Their form of escalation is an email telling me they cannot figure out the problem but once they do I will be contacted. It appears today’s update made the horrible app worse. Toyota needs to compensate all of us who have Entune with integrated navigation so we can buy a GPS.

Go ahead and just use Google Maps on your phone.

Terrible app, no visual display, just verbal directions in my wife’s 2017 RX350. There will never be a fix, no matter how much Scout tells you to contact them.


It will not connect to my 17 Tacoma . Just says could not complete request

It could not connect since IOS 11.2, bluetooth or USB. Followed all suggested fixes. Entune was a good idea went bad. Four people at work bought a Toyota within a couple of months about a year ago, all have the same problem now. Word gets around fast. This is not just a matter of not having a dashboard display working correctly. It is Toyota's inability to solve a problem with the car.


I purchased a brand new 2018 RAV4 XLE a month and this app has never worked properly since day one. I really wanted to get turn by turn navigation on my unit and the salesman at the dealership said scout gps was exactly like the more upgraded satellite gps that Toyota offers which cost a few thousand bucks more for “no reason” as he stated. I took his advice and went with the Scout GPS link version and I really wish I saw all the reviews before I purchased my car with this package. The app developers never update their app and since Apple always updates their iOS software scout gps stopped works since iOS 10 or maybe even before that from what I’ve researched. My advice is to just upgrade to the upgraded gps Toyota offers or if anyone can wait till end of the year most 2019 models now have Apple CarPlay.... shame I didn’t do research or read any of these reviews before I made my purchase.

Never works

Never works

The app is useless. I receive failure to connect 99 percent of the time. The only time it does connect is when I am at the Toyota dealership complaining about this worthless product. My phone works without fail in every other aspect of the entune radio. I think Toyota should at least pay a portion of a radio upgrade to the hard wired navigational system. God forbid my family get lost in a seedy part of town.

Waste of time

My Scout GPS worked once and that’s it on my 2018 RAV4. I always say yes to connecting but I get a error message. The dealer tells me well it’s not 100% there are issues. Uh what. Then why would you put his on your cars? I just got to maps on my iPhone and I get directions from that.

Don’t buy this

Worse than having your mother-in-law in the back seat telling you where to turn. Shame on Toyota Already called Toyota. They said it will never be real navigation. Entune 3.0 has moving maps, etc. But that is only on a few ‘18 vehicles. Call them and complain. Maybe they will change their mind.

2016 Tacoma

Stopped working. Worst nav program.

Dysfunctional app and worthless

Never works. Will always say could not complete request. Please try again later. Reinstalling app does nothing.


This app is no help at all with my 2018 Lexus, beside not being able to connect half the time the way it gives directions is horrible, I’ve missed so many exists because of the none accurate information provided. It doesn’t even have a general view of my current location, a lot of times I just like to look at the map of the streets just to see my directions well it’s impossible with this app. I really hope the update it soon.

App Is Junk, Don’t Waste Tour Time Or Data

I’ve tried multiple times to get it to work with my new 2018 Tundra and iPhone X. Even had it back at the dealer and they cannot get it to work consistently. WORTHLESS , if you want nav buy it in the truck. This app is absolute garbage.

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