Scout GPS Link

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About Scout GPS Link

Travel Navigation
Developer: Telenav, Inc.

Scout GPS Link is a free navigation app with interactive maps powered by real-time cloud information designed exclusively for your car’s multimedia screen. Whether you’re commuting home, searching for a place to get gas, or want to beat traffic, get all the information you need at a glance on your personalized home screen. Wherever you’re going, Scout GPS Link makes navigating there a lot easier.

Designed for your car’s screen*
•Full navigation on your car’s multimedia display and use Push-to-Talk features when you connect your iPhone to your car via USB and Bluetooth®
•Live map view that moves with you in 2D/3D modes
•Seamless connection with your car to automatically access your routes, recent destinations, and favorite places from your phone
•One-tap access to navigation in third party apps, such as Yelp, Fuel, and Saved Destinations
•Every feature is optimized for driving, such as simple visual directions, easy-to-access search by touch or voice, and automatic day and night modes to reduce glare
•Split screen views allow you to multitask with other apps on your display—listen to music or take calls—while navigating

Dependable navigation with real-time traffic and intelligent search
•Convenient home screen with easy access to key features, like one-touch navigation to your home and work
•The best routes for a quicker commute based on real-time traffic conditions and ETA
•Easily enter addresses or places with One-Box Search and get suggestions while you’re typing
•Discover places to dine, shop, get gas, and more, with voice commands and popular search categories
•Resume canceled routes and repeat voice guide directions

•2018 Camry with Entune 3.0 Audio and Entune 3.0 Audio Plus USB and Bluetooth connection required to view moving maps on multimedia display; with Bluetooth connection only, the multimedia view will be turn-by-turn directions without a moving map
•Moving maps NOT available for 2017 and earlier Toyota and Lexus models
•Scout GPS Link in-car features and experience may vary based on vehicle manufacturer and model 
•Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life